About Us

From street-market to online market

We have been in the retail business since 1997. We started with a small store and gradually moved online with our e-commerce operations beginning in 2005. Our mission is to offer a unique line of jewelry and gifts for people of all faiths and walks of life.

We design and procure products from around the world. We search for exclusive items in remote places and make them available to customers worldwide. The quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers is our is our utmost concern.

From street-market to online market

Our Brands

Brands exclusively produced and sold worldwide through our network of websites and online marketplaces

Warehouse Locations

Our merchandise is strategically located around the world in order to provide optimal & cost efficient shipping

Sales Channels

Our products are sold through various channels

20+ Directly managed websites
(TheKufi.com, MuslimClothing.com, TheTasbih.com, …)
International Marketplaces
(Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Walmart, …)
Indonesian Marketplaces
(Bukalapak, Tokopedia, Lazada, Shopee, BliBli, …)
Direct Sales
(Phone, WhatsApp, Word-of-mouth, Email)
Wholesale Orders
(Islamic Organizations, Prisons, Masjids, …)